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A Simple Guide to Learning About a 50 amp rv extension cord 25 ft

by qin yan on April 24, 2022

As the world continues to evolve, many people are opting to using RVs as a way of travelling to new destinations. However, power supply still poses a great challenge to many RV owners.

Why? Power pedestals are usually located far away from the campsites. This means that connecting power to your RV for charging equipment and gadgets becomes very frustrating .

But there is a way out. With the use of RV extension cords,  you can connect all your appliances no matter the distance of your campsite from the outlet.

When embarking on any outdoor adventure, it is advisable to always carry your RV extension cord. If you don’t have one yet, then consider acquiring one before your next camping trip. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of factors that need to be considered before buying any RV extension cord- from cost, to safety measures, and to its power capacity.

Let’s go deeper into RV extension cords taking a look at the 50 amp RV extension cord 25ft.

What is a 50 Amp RV extension cord?

A 50 Amp RV extension cord can be termed as a cable that connects your RV to electric appliances during camping. It extends the length of a typical 30 or 50 amp RV cord.

The extension cord usually comes in orange, green, or yellow color and features three prongs towards one end. This enhances compatibility with any outlet in your RV.

50 Amp RV extension cords are normally rated at 125 Volts. In more detail, the extension cord is fitted with a neutral wire carrying at most 125 volts as well as two hot lines each carrying a maximum of 250 Volts.

What does a 50 Amp RV Extension look like?

A 50 Amp RV extension may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But, the common specifications are:

Male Plug: 50 amp

Female Plug: 50 amp connector

Rated: 125 volts/3750 Watts

50 amp rv extension cord harbor freight

Habor freight offers very affordable RV extension cords. Prices vary depending on the length, gauge, and amperage of the extension cord you want to purchase. For a 50 amp rv extension cord, you'll get a quality extension cord that takes care of all your heavy-duty usage.

The extension cords are three-pronged making them suitable for most RVs. In addition, the cables are well-insulated and highly visible to minimize any cases of injury.

The RV cords also feature a power indicator light that notifies you when the power is on.

Above all, Habor Freight guarantees that all extension cords are free from defects in materials. This is proof enough that you are getting maximum value for each dollar spent.

50 amp rv power cord twist lock

Twistlock RV extension cords are built with a special design that enhances interlocking between an extension cord and an outlet with just a simple twist motion. This prevents any chances of pulling the cord away from the power outlet accidentally. Moreover, your extension cord remains firm during heavy winds, snowstorms, or even rainstorms thanks to a twist locking connector.

One of the most common 50 amp RV extension cord 25 ft that comes with a twist lock is the Trekpower RV extension cord.

Although most 50 amp RV extension cords don't feature a twist-lock connector, you can purchase a twist lock plug from an online store and switch up your current  RV cord.

Best rv amp extension cord

If you own an RV, then you probably know that there are several instances where an extension cord comes in handy. For example, when you are connecting a generator to your RV or a power source. An RV extension cord is commonly used while powering appliances for camping outside an RV.

Now that you know why it's important to own an amp extension cord, let’s have a look at what you need to consider when buying one.

  1. Current: You should check whether the RV amp extension cord is capable of handling a high power current. Preferably, a 30 amp extension cord is used when dealing with lighter loads while a 50 amp cord is used for heavier loads.
  2. Extended Length: this is one of the key factors to consider. Most the RV power extension cords range between 25 feet and 50 feet. You should purchase one that best fits all your needs.
  3. Voltage: Checking the voltage of an extension cord is highly important. The voltage ratings will show you whether the extension cord is compatible with various RV appliances or not. Fortunately, all RV power extension cords operate at 125 Volts which is perfect for the appliances.

Below, we’ve recommended some of the best 25-foot cords rated at 50 amps and 30 amps. This is in terms of safety and comfort they offer as well as best market prices.

To do this, we analyzed data from end-user ratings and reviews by multiple testers around the globe.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best RV amp extension cords:

  • Trekpower Extension Cord
  • GoWise RV Power Extension Cord
  • Kohree RV Power Extension Cord
  • Camco 55191 RV Power Extension Cord
  • Leisure RV Power Extension Cord

Best RV Power Extension Cords

Extended Length


Trekpower Extension Cord

25 feet

50 amps

GoWise RV Power Extension Cord

30 feet

50 amps

Kohree RV Power Extension Cord

25 feet

50 amps

Camco 55191 RV Power Extension Cord

25 feet

30 amps

Leisure RV Power Extension Cord

25 feet

30 amps


Trekpower Extension Cord

 This model is one of the most popular RV extension cords suitable for heavy-duty usage.

To begin with, the 50 amp 25ft RV Extension Cord Trekpower extension in at 50 amps. Further, the 125 voltage rating it possesses makes it compatible with all outlets in your RV.

Its extended 25 feet length is suitable for powering your RV during an outdoor camping. This design is also resistant to wear and tear thanks to the heavy-duty STW Jacket. The Trekpower 25ft extension cord is also safe and durable as it made of 100% copper and features an inner insulation solution.

Over and above that, the Trekpower RV Power Extension Cord comes with a 1-year long warranty.

GoWise RV Power Extension Cord

If you are looking for a cord that can meet all your extension needs, then you should check out the GoWise 50 Amp RV Extension cord.

Designed to handle heavy-duty usage, this model features 50 Amps suitable for heavier loads. Moving on, its 125 voltage rating makes it capable of powering all your appliances with ease.

Coming to its length, the GoWise RV Power Extension Cords has an extended length of 30 feet suitable for most RV owners.

To sum up, it's quite affordable and comes with a 1-year long warranty once you purchase it.

Kohree RV Power Extension Cord

The Kohree RV Power Extension Cord is also a good option if you need a cord that not only offers good connectivity but also more flexibility.

For starters, this design gives you a pretty high current rating of 30 Amps. Taking a look at its voltage rating, the Kohree RV extension cable can operate at 125 Volts for exceptional compatibility.

Although it has an extended length of 25 feet, Kohree can still be used for outdoor camping and other connection-related activities. In terms of safety, this model has a 10/3 AWG gauge rating.

One huge flex about getting a Kohree extension cord is its 2-year long warranty that saves you money in the long run.

Camco 55191 RV Power Extension Cord

Although the Camco 55191 RV extension cable is not suitable for heavy-duty usage, it's a great option if you are on a tight budget.

It features Hassle-Free power grips that allow users to safely plug and unplug the male and female handles with ease.

Moving to its current rating, the Camco 55191 extension cord can handle up to 50 amps. That coupled with a 125 Voltage rating can help you power any appliance that you desire.

This model also features 25 feet extended length that's ample for many RV owners. Moreover, this cord is coated with a heavy-duty flame that protects it from wear and tears as well as other outdoor elements.

Camco 55191 comes with a 12-month warranty period giving you absolute peace of mind while using it.

Leisure RV Power Extension Cord

A leisure RV power extension cord gives you value for your money. Why? It is designed with a marine-grade quality material which makes it unique from all other extension cords on the market.

This cord also features an LED power indicator that glows when there is power. Additionally, it has a watertight molded plug and connector ends which not only enhances safety but also durability.

Taking a look at its current rating, the Leisure RV power extension cord can handle a maximum of 30 amps at 125 volts.

Just like all other extension cords, this one also comes with a 1-year long warranty.

What size ground wire for 50 amp rv service

When it comes to matters concerning ground wire, the best size is the 6AWG. One of the main benefits of a 6AWG wire is that it is thick and can carry up to 50 amps of current without getting overheated.

Other benefits include:

  • It's very easy to handle compared to a 4AWG wire
  • More affordable
  • Can handle more heat compared to other small wires
  • Can withstand a lot of power in contrast to other wires

How to Use a 50 Amp RV Extension Cord

Before hooking up your RV with an extension cord, ensure that there are adequate outlets and enough cords for all your electrical appliances. This will help you to avoid overloading the circuit hence eliminating any power failure in the RV.

Then, unroll the extension cord carefully to prevent tripping and falling over it. The next step would then be to plug one end of the cord into your RV electrical system. The other end should be plugged into a nearby power pedestal. Simple and straightforward!

Precautions while using an RV Extension Cord

  1. Avoid pulling the 50 amp RV cord while disconnecting it. Instead, hold it firmly during disconnection. Experts recommend getting an extension cord with an in-built handle.
  2. Ensure that all points of connection of your extension cord are above the ground. It helps eliminate incidences of electric shock by preventing the cord from contact with wet/moist surfaces.
  3. Since all 50 amp RV cords, 25 ft operate at high voltages, ensure that your cord has a ground connection for safety measures.

Benefits of having a 50 amp RV Extension Cord

There are very many advantages associated with having an RV extension cord.

Firstly, a 50 amp rv extension cord 25 ft is quite short. This makes it safer and more efficient as compared to other longer cords that are associated with massive voltage drops. Additionally, they are easy to coil ensuring that your RV remains clean and tidy.

Another convenience is that they are designed to reduce electric shock and are highly visible to prevent tripping and falling. By so doing, cases of injuries in your RV become very minimal.

50 amp extension cords have also been well-insulated to tolerate harsh weather conditions at any campsite.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to power in our RVs, we tend to care less about the type of extension cords we are using. You should only use an extension cord that is compatible with your RV. For example, a 50 Amp RV will require a 50 Amp extension cord. Going for a 30 Amp extension cord will end up damaging your camp trailer in the long run.

You also have to get an extension cord that best suits your needs. The longer the better since it may come in handy in unexpected circumstances.


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