About Us

TrekPower® has been a factory direct distributor of RV power cords & accessories,convert Adapters,SRDT Power Supply series,Outdoor&Indoor Extension Cords since 1990. With warehouses in California, we are able to bring quality RV Power Cords to you at low discount prices everyday.  Let's connecting your RV with AC or DC power quick and easy so you can enjoy your time with your family. Our wide variety of adapters let you hook up anywhere without embarrassment.

Trekpower Material

Plug Jacket : Large,flexible,ribbed strain relief prevents separation of the cord jacket from the plug by easing the constant bending and providing a larger jacket-to-plug contact area.

Firm Connector

Over-sized male and female plugs are molded in one solid piece from a special virgin compound and will not harden ,become brittle,shatter,or deform from hard job site abuse.

Conductor Blade

Full contact blades and ground pin to prevent break-off or pull-out.The full sized conductors provide superior electrical contact performance .


As tools are plugged in and out of the receptacle, a small arc can slowly eat away at the metal contacts in the plug. We solve the problem by using arc-resistant full-sized contacts and precise alignment.

Water Resistant Cord

Standard PVC and TPE rubber cords will allow moisture to move through the out and inner insulation.


Our Vision

  • To become a trusted global leader in RV Electrical supplies and accessories,
  • To help our customers to get a safer and easier RV electrical solutions.

Our Story

  • We started out with a apartment living and working in it. backed up by several factories that would like to go out to the market directly to understand more about our customers' needs, we settled down in Los Angeles and start out distribution business from there. The support from the factories and warehouse in Chino, CA allow us to serve our customers better than whenever we could. And our business has grown to the point of our need to establish a network of logistic points and authorized distribution offices so we can extend our services to our international customers.
  • Our designing and marketing team in the US allow us to follow the trends of the RV industry very well. We work closely with out customers to help them simplified their works and get better results. We listen to our customers 24/7 to approval our service and products' function.
  • We are always here ready for you!