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TREKPOWER 50 Amp RV Extension Cord 

50 Amp RV Extension Cord (3)

36 ft 50 Amp RV cord With Finger Holder Trekpower


50 Amp RV Electrical Cord 36ft 90-degree Female Plug Trekpower


50AMP RV Extension Power Cord 30ft 90 degree with Twist Lock and Light


  • Trekpower 50 Amp Extension Cord/Recreational Vehicle Extension Cord
  • We have 50ft,36ft and 25ft length in stock for different usage .
  • Heavy Duty
  • 6 guage RV Camp Power Outdoor Extension Cord.
  • NEMA 14-50P male plug (with finger grip) to NEMA 14-50R female connector with 90 degree anger twist lock , it is easy to hold the heavy duty power cord and easy to put in or out.
  • 4 wires AWG (3 pcs 6 guage wire+1 pcs 8 guage wire) , with double 100% coopper blades, thick Copper Wires and each wire with inner insulation solution are safe for heavy duty usage. 
  • Plug Jacket with Large, flexible ,ribbed straub relief prevents separation of the cord jackes from the plug by easing the constant bending and providing a larger jacket-to-plug contact area.
  • Standard weather resistant PVC STW jacket is sunlight/weather resistant and ideal for outdoor use.
  • All our cord have ETL CSA Certification


25 foot 50 amp rv extension cord

50 ft 50 amp rv extension cord

75 ft 50 amp rv extension cord

100 ft 50 amp rv extension cord

RV Extension Cord Twist Lock 

Extra Heavy Duty Super Flexibility

Weater-proof PVC Jacket Cord

Designed Connectors for Easy Grip

Conntek Cord Quality Half Price

Stay Cared About Products Safty

Focus on Customer Experience

100% Thick Double Cooper Blads

Sometimes your RV power cord is just a liiiiitle too short. ???? This is where a 50 amp or a 30 amp RV extension cord comes in handy. Not any old extension cord will do, either.You MUST HAVE a quality RV extension cord that is rated for the energy load your RV uses.

With the Trek Power Grip Extension you can get a 30 amp extension cord or a 50 amp extension cord. It generally comes in lengths ranging from 25 to 50 feet. Trek power RV Extension Cords are manufactured with the appropriate sized wire for the rated amperage and include their Power Grip ergonomic handles to make it easier to unplug your cord when it's time to pack up and head out.

Trekpower has wholesale price for reseller, please contact Gmail:trekpowerusa@gmail.com


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