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How to Choose 50 Amp Rv Extension Cord 75 Ft

by qin yan on April 19, 2022

What is a 50 Ampere RV?

You may have found it difficult to reach electrical hookups with a short RV power supply cord. Ultimately, it results in you getting an extension cord to reach the electrical hookup. These extensions often come in different sizes, power capacity, and usage. Therefore, it is essential that you choose one that is suitable for your RV and meets your needs. 50 amp rv extension cord 75 ft is one extension variant that is common among RV drivers.


Apart from the sizes, there is an apparent difference in terms of power capacity as well. There are three main variants when it comes to powering up an RV. They include:

  • 20 amperes RV power extension cords
  • 30 amperes RV power extension cords
  • 50 amperes RV power extension cords

There are numerous differences between each type of power extension cord, and we’ll get to these later in the guide. In a nutshell, the 50 Ampere RV refers to the power of extension cords in terms of Amperes. Without further ado, let’s get started by covering 50 amp rv extension cord 75 ft in detail.

Can 50 Amps RV be Used with 75 Ft RV Extension Cord?

With the help of 50 Amp RV cord, you can easily stretch the extension cord to up to 75 ft. The 75 ft extension can work with the 75 feet extension easily without creating any disruption in the workflow. Not only can it handle 50 Amperes, but the RV users can also use it anywhere, both outdoor or indoors.

These extension cords can easily fit into any NEMA 14-50 sockets that are often found in RV charging parks. You will find that a typical 50-ampere extension plug will consist of 4 pins and carry a further 50-ampere current in the extra pin.

All you have to do is be wary of the safety rules of the cord and ensure that you comply with all safety rules that are pre-set by the company. The concerning thing about extension cords is that they cannot be used at all times. RV owners should treat them as a temporary solution for the RV. Continuous usage of the extension may lead to further complications in terms of battery and the overall health of the RV.

With a 50 amp RV extension cord 75 ft, make sure that the connections are at a dry place and not touching any wet area on the ground. Alternatively, you can also use the help of boxes to secure the plugs.

50 Amp plug

Typically, a 50 amp plug holds 4 cords that possess two 120 volts of hot, neutral, and ground wires. These types of plugs are used with the RV that has a low load requirement. With the help of a 50-ampere plug, you can typically expect 12,000 watts of current at a given time. Many people use the three-phase adapter along with this plug that ensures ease of usage for the sockets outside.

If any user gets an adapter for the 50 amp plug, then the wattage would reduce significantly. On such occasions, you can expect the overall wattage to be around 3,600 only, compared to 12,000 without an adapter. The 50 amp RV extension cord 75 ft is one of the most common extensions that use this type of plug for charging.

50 to 30 Amp Adapters

With the help of 50 to 30-ampere adapters, RV users can plug in their 50-ampere extension cord into sockets suited for 30 amperes. The adapter ensures that it converts the current into suitable charging even with a 50-ampere adapter.

It is one of the adapters that many people prefer as they are camping or just RVING around the country. These adapters can fit any type of cord and make the conversion process easier. RV users can charge their batteries anytime, anywhere with the help of this adapter.

Often, they can’t find a suitable match for their RV batteries, which results in significant problems for them since the 30 amp cords charge slower and switches on 50-ampere cords aren’t that common. You can easily convert your 50-ampere adapters to 30 amp with the help of these adapters.

150 Ft 50 Amp Rv Extension Cord

Depending on your needs, you will pick an RV extension that is suitable for you. 150 ft is almost double from 50 amp rv extension cord 75 ft. This size is only recommended if your RV has a very short extension cord that does not reach the electrical hook. However, it is very important to know that you pick an optimum extension size

Often, users decide to go ahead with unsuitable and hazardous extension cords. On certain occasions, they may trigger a fire in the wires. According to the data, choosing unsuitable amp rv extension cords are a leading cause of fire and accidents in the U.S.

For safe usage, you will need a high capacity 150 ft extension cord to make the best out of it. This is where people find the size too big for an extension. You can also see if they offer you the retractable wire. It will ensure that you are able to wrap it up fast without having to spend too much time.

200 Ft 50 Amp Rv Extension Cords

Coming to the last and longest size in the extension cords industry, 200 ft is a phenomenal size. This is also the last variant in terms of size. 200 ft is the variant that is commonly available in stores. With the help of 200 ft extension cords, you will be able to reach plenty of areas in terms of connectivity.

Not only that, you might get more wattage and power compared to the other variants of extension cords. Make sure that the extension size and power suit your RV so you can avoid any inconvenience.

Pros and Cons of 50 Amp Rv Extension Cords

As we mentioned before in the article, it is possible for the Amperes to change and vary. Many people go with 20 or even 30 Amperes. But here, we will take a closer look at the 50 amp RV extension cords. There are plenty of advantages of the 50 amp size extensions.

Pros of Amp rv Extension Cords

One of their standout advantages is that they possess a lower gauge wire which helps in preventing voltage loss. The low voltage directly impacts the resistance, which ensures that the chances of a fire are reduced drastically.

These ampere cords are available in different sizes. From 20ft to all the way from 200ft, the extension cords cover it all. One of the standout examples is a 50 amp rv extension cord 75 ft which is an optimum size for charging your RV. Since it is available in diverse sizes, it is easier for these extension cords to be transported. The smaller the size, the better the portability and end results for the RV user.

Moreover, these cables can easily coil up against one another. It is another important factor that enables many people to choose 50 amp extension cords. Apart from that, it also has user-friendly handles, which makes it easier for anyone to pick it up and transport it. Apart from handling, they also prove important when a user turns them on and off.

Cons of 50 Ampere Extension Cords

But when people start to pick up the extension cords that exceed the size of 100ft, the voltage begins to drop. This is when you may notice a decrease in performance for 50-ampere extension cords. The optimum size is a 50 amp rv extension 75 ft. It suits users of any kind and does not use up much voltage either in the process.

Can I use a Household Extension Cord for my RV?

While it is entirely possible, it is not a good idea. This is because the housing extension cords lack a compact wire gauge. The housing gauge wire is relatively smaller than the 50-ampere extension cords. This would cause too much electricity to flow whenever you begin to charge your RV with the help of household extension cords.

 Using the household extension can also cause a fire to break out due to a short circuit. It is advisable not to go ahead with that.

Final Thoughts- Is 50 Amp Rv Extension Cord 75 Ft Best for You?

On certain occasions, you won’t find much use for a 50 amp extension cord. For instance, an rv with 3-amp supply hookups won’t have the same effect as 50 amp cords on 50 amp outlets. But experts recommend that you should keep at least one 50 ampere extension cord for yourself in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

There are plenty of options for you in terms of sizes but go for 50 amp rv extension cord 75! This extension variant is optimum in work, easy to carry, and will provide a relatively lower loss of voltage. We hope this guide was helpful for you in exploring different aspects of the RV extensions.


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