Where does the RV power come from?

Everyone knows Rv's life is in the field. But where does the RV Power come from? And how to use electricity? Believe this topic which every RV user will be concerned. 

Before we start this topic, I would like to share with you a few RV electricity situation:

The first kind of RV basic electricity, basic electricity including the interior lighting, interior water pump, interior basic electrical appliances. Rv companies must at least guarantee the use of such infrastructure when they are sold.

The second type of ordinary electricity, ordinary electricity including our TV, refrigerator, mobile phone charging, laptop charging. Maybe we need use a converter at this time.

The third kind of high power consumption. This part of electricity is we will use air conditioning, water heater, induction cooker, and other high-power electrical appliances.

But where does the electricity come from?

  1. Solar charging. If your RV is equipped with solar panels, it can supply the basic electricity when driving or stopping.
  2. charging on running, When we run a car, normal driving can maintain the vehicle lighting electricity. And the RV is also able to meet the vehicle lighting electricity on driving. In short, as long as there is a RV generator then can meet the whole car power supply.
  3. Charge your RV RV campsites. You need to take charging equipment to meet all your electricity needs. Then you need to choose a different RV power cord.

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