Trekpower RV Power Cords

Trekpower Material

Plug Jacket : Large,flexible,ribbed strain relief prevents separation of the cord jacket from the plug by easing the constant bending and providing a larger jacket-to-plug contact area.

Firm Connector

Over-sized male and female plugs are molded in one solid piece from a special virgin compound and will not harden ,become brittle,shatter,or deform from hard job site abuse.

Conductor Blade

Full contact blades and ground pin to prevent break-off or pull-out.The full sized conductors provide superior electrical contact performance .


As tools are plugged in and out of the receptacle, a small arc can slowly eat away at the metal contacts in the plug. We solve the problem by using arc-resistant full-sized contacts and precise alignment.

Water Resistant Cord

Standard PVC and TPE rubber cords will allow moisture to move through the out and inner insulation.


RV Power Cords

Double Copper Blades

Easy Grip PVC Connector

Thick Copper Wires for Extra Heavy Duty

Inner Insulation

STW outer Jacket


RV Twist Lock Power Cord with Grip Handles

1.Easy to connect locking system

2.Weather-proof PVC jacket

3.Water resistant connection with boot and threaded ring

4.Super flexibility

5.Designed connectors for easy grip


RV Power Cords

1.Extra heavy duty

2. Weather-proof PVC jacket

3.Super flexibility

5.Designed connectors for easy grip


RV Accessories

Connect your trailers with our various trailer cords.

It's our pleasure to satisfy your different needs.


RV convert adapers

Can not find the right outlets?

Get connected with our dog bone adapters.

Easy to carry ,easy to use.

Get away from embarrassment.


SRDT Power supply series

Extra heavy duty SRDT cords are used to guarantee your safety and offer maximum resistance to acids,oil,grease and grime

Designed structure for easy installation and use.

Double copper blades to slow arc damage

Easy grip connector to prevent potential hazardous

Inner PVC insulation for extra safety

Ring ends for easy installation and prevent from disconnecting